Hello everyone. My name is Ms. Sinéad Lynch. I am delighted to say that I will be teaching Junior Infants this year.  The class have been so good since we started back. They are very kind and friendly children, a credit to all of you!

We have been doing lots of fun Irish and English nursery rhymes and making actions up to go along with them. The class favourite seems to be Rolaí Polaí, maybe your child can show you the actions we do.

Junior Infants are excellent at their numbers one to ten and can recognise which numbers come before and after the other numbers. We have been playing maths clapping games and I must say they are very good at closing their eyes and listening carefully to how many claps I do.

We have been doing a lot of focus on our pincer grip and trying our best to hold our pencils properly. The children work very hard, it would be great if they can continue to do this at home.

I hope you are all settling into the new school routine. Have a great week!

Ms. Waugh is working with us as a Special Education Teacher and Anne is our Special Needs Assistant.