Principal – Mrs. Anna Ovington

Vice Principal – Ms. Shirley Gilmore

Junior Infants – Ms. Jennie Fair

Senior Infants – Ms. Fiona Sweeney

1st class – Ms. Avril Quinn

2nd class – Ms. Liz McCormack

3rd class – Ms. Aimee Kerr

4th class – Ms. Joyce Besanson and Ms. Róisín Mulligan

5th class – Ms. Rebecca Waugh

6th class – Mr. Eric Lawson

Special Education Teachers – Mr. Mark Howard, Ms. Lorna Prole, Mr. Barry McGrory, Ms Shirley Gilmore

Special Needs Assistants – Ms. Anne Ledwidge, Ms. Una Landrock Gribben, Ms. Mairéad Reilly, Ms. Julie Phillips

ICT – Mr. Dónal Dunne

Secretary – Ms. Gloria Smith

Caretaker – Mr. Frank Ledwidge

PE / Extra Curricular – Mr. Craig Aston and his team from Southside Sports