Delgany NS Policies and other downloads

Please note that the original, signed policies are all available in the school office, should you require them.


Mobile Phone Policy Updated 2018

Mobile Phone Survey Results

Data Protection Policy 2018

Attendance Policy

Principals Report to PA AGM 2017

Child Safeguarding Statement *Please note this is an updated document, ratified by the Board of Management on March 12th 2018*

Safeguarding Trust Risk Assessment

Delgany NS Admission Policy for Entry Sept 2020

Delgany NS Current Code of Behaviour

Extra Curricular Report

Car Park guidelines September 2013

RSE Policy

Procedure for Dealing with Complaints

Equality of Opportunity Policy

DNS Health and Safety Policy one page statement

Delgany NS Ethos Statement

Substance Use-Misuse Policy


Whole School Self Evaluation Report

Anti-Bullying Policy Dec 2014

Summary of School Self Evaluation