Active Schools Week 2021

Juniors Infants to 2nd Class

The junior classes had ‘Station Fun’, ‘A Fairy Trail’ (Shape and Colour Hunt), ‘A Fairy Exercise Trail’, ‘A Class Sports Day’, ‘A Skipathon’ and of course ‘Active Homework’! 

The weather was amazing and we used every inch of our beautiful school grounds. We had so much fun while getting lots of exercise!

3rd – 6th Class – Senior Sports

3rd to 6th Class also had great fun during active schools week. 5th Class started Monday with cycle training while the other classes took part in active bingo. All senior classes took part in escape rooms on Tuesday. Wednesday we had mini sports days. Thursday we honed our volleyball skills. On Friday 5th Class went on a nine and a half kilometre hike from school to the Octagon in Bellevue Woods! The rest of the senior classes took part in German Skipping on the Friday. We also took part in active homework! 5th Class read all about young sporting heroes and enjoyed a poem called Wendy Wise by Kenn Nesbitt in which Wendy met a terrible fate through lack of exercise!